I'm Sam
and I'm good at
getting Arabic from my brain
into other brains 👉🏻 🧠

💪🏻 Father of two
📍 based in Mogadishu.
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Fushaa Friends.

Our mission is to help 150 men
speak, read, write and understand Fushaa in a friendly & supportive place.

Other projects and useful links

🟢 I am the Arabic coach at The Green Pill Project

🐪 I teach 2 LIVE sessions a week at Arabic Unlocked

📙 Existing Arabic in 60 Steps students can login here.

If you would like the Arabic in 60 Steps program as a new student, it is available inside Fushaa Friends

👨🏻‍💻 I build all of my websites and courses on an amazing platform called Elite Business Suite.

🤝🏻 My community (Fushaa Friends) is hosted on Skool.

💙 Learn more about our charity for the
Deaf Somali community

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